Issue 14 — Winter 2011 Cover


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Issue 14 — Winter 2011

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  • 2011 WFTDA Championships Recap
  • Merch 101
  • Concussions
  • Mental Training
  • Heel pain
  • Unsung Heroes: Referees
  • Should I Upgrade My Plates?
  • Endurance Practices
  • Plus more, including Battle of the Nordic Light recap, derby at 15, a handy dandy guide to wheels, WFTDA taking the big 5 to the next level

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Issue 13 — Fall 2011 Cover


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Issue 13 — Fall 2011

also available in print – contact us to purchase a copy

  • Region Playoffs Preview
  • Derby Specific Training
  • Exercise Induced Bronchospasm (EIB)
  • RollerCon Recap
  • Dos and Don’ts of Stripes
  • 45 Degree Kingpins
  • And more, including Derby in Europe, WFTDA Meeting Recap, Should Your League be 18 years+ or 21+?

Issue 12 — Summer 2011 Cover


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Issue 12 — Summer 2011

  • Transgender Policies
  • Returning After Pregnancy
  • Legal Safety Gear: Protecting Your League On and Off the Track
  • Pivot Line Strategies
  • Beta Testing a “No Minors” Ruleset
  • Rinxter Stats Program
  • Leather vs. Vinyl Boots
  • Plus More, Including Stretching, What’s in Store for Rollercon 2011, the Mental Recovery, Tips for Vegan Skaters

Issue 11 — Spring 2011 Cover


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Issue 11 — Spring 2011

  • Media Relations
  • Derby Weight Training
  • Knee Down Start
  • Wheel Regrooving
  • Boot Sizing
  • Motivating Junior Derby Skaters
  • And more, including conquering your fundraising fears, merby, concussions (part two) and WFTDA ref clinics

Issue 10 — Winter 2010 Cover


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Issue 10 — Winter 2010

  • 2010 WFTDA Championships recap
  • Derby Fashion
  • Tips for Making a Great League Website
  • Understanding Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Concussion Testing
  • Team Building
  • Writing a Mission Statement
  • And more, including announcing and audio issues, which wheels are best and mouthguard comparisons

In this issue…

2010 Photo Annual Cover


Print Magazine

2010 Photo Annual

Derby News Network and fiveonfive magazine present the 2010 photo annual featuring tons of great photos from the 2010 season!


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  • fiveonfive is excited to announce a new section on officiating!

    We know how involved and dedicated our officials are, so we want to give them their due. After all, we couldn't play our beloved sport without our officials. Officials have a lot to say ranging from “What is the best equipment?” to “How to get into your first tournament!” This is our opportunity to explore the possible answers to such questions, discuss trends in officiating within derby, and even look at basics like “What position is best to start with?” Standard Steviation from Lansing Derby Vixens has offered to help us with this section. He will be our officials section editor and is eager to help make these articles beneficial to everyone. If you are interested in writing for us on this topic, or just have ideas, thoughts, or comments, please contact

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